Davide Magnini demolishes the race record

Tove Alexandersson from Sweden won the women's race once again.

Davide Magnini demolished Marco De Gasperi's record by over 7'. Rèmi Bonnet, Oriol Cardona and Petter Engdahl, the other "bad boys" of skyrunning, also came in under the previous record. Tove Alexandersson from Sweden won the women's race once again.  As for the Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series ranking, Pascal Egli and Holly Page won the classic specialty, while Kilian Jornet and Ragna Debats won the overall classification.

With just enough time to register the record-breaking performances of Rémi Bonnet and Judit Wyder in the final of the Vertical World Series, the lights and spotlights were lit for the main race of the long weekend in Limone sul Garda. Skyrunning devotees and the champs of the specialties lined up side by side on the evocative Marconi lakefront boulevard for the start of one of the hardest and most eagerly awaited challenges of the season.

This wonderful festive event on the mountain peaks between the Lombardy and Trentino regions -- already the finale of the Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series for six consecutive times -- proposed a selective lake-view circuit of 29Km (2500 D+). Everyone was awaiting the one-man-show of the Catalan phenomenon Kilian Jornet, but Davide Magnini, the young soldier of Team Salomon, decided to take the reins of the race into his own hands. It was a triumphant record-breaking gallop for him. Following in hot pursuit were Rémi Bonnet, Petter Engdahl, Orion Cardona Col and Stian Angermund.

There was no doubt, no uncertainty. Magnini arrived at breakneck speed across the finish line at 2h 59'24", achieving the most important success of his young but dazzling career. His time was impressive: 2h 59'24", which is 7' under the previous record held by Marco De Gasperi. Other young talents like Rémi Bonnet (3h04'13") and Oriol Cardona (3h06'07”) chocked up notable performances as well. Completing the top ten spots were Petter Engdahl, Stian Angermund, Kilian Jornet, Marco De Gasperi, Marc Pinsach, Wild Finlay and Pascal Egli.    

Tove Alexandersson, the 2017 winner of the women's category, immediately kept Michelle Maier and Ragna Debats at a safe distance, thus confirming her place on the highest step of the podium. The seven times world orienteering champion once again won the Lemon Skyrunning Extreme in 3h31'36”. Ragna De Bats stayed the course and grit her teeth, coming in second (3h40'07 "), which allowed her to win the overall title. Meanwhile, Sheila Aviles from Spain came in third at 3h45'28". Michelle Maier from Germany took fourth place, while the first Italian, Elisa Desco, came in fifth.