Kilian Jornet and Stevie Kremer win race and series

The Team Salomon impressive line-up at the Limone Extreme with the super performance of Kilian Jornet & Stevie Kremer . For their stage win and first place finish in the World Series circuit 2013. If the Catalan phenomenon is not , however, failed to lower the record of Marco De Gasperi , the champion from overseas has literally smashed the best time from Deborah Cardone from 2011 . Public for special occasions and mind-boggling numbers for finlissima of the Skyrunner World Series. The competition of Limone sul Garda , with its 23.5km development (2000m of elevation gain ) , drew 437 runners at the starting line of the sky. Among their specialties and serving the world's many many fans who did not want to miss the opportunity to run alongside the champions. In the first climb challenging Aritz Egea has given a forcing irresistible to most people taking to flight Kilian Jornet and David Schneider . 4th Thorbjorn Ludvigsen and Ionut Zinca . First Italian Matteo Piller Hofer . A female Antonella Confortola leads the race of Stevie Kremer and Emelie Forsberg .
At GPM Top Carone , no change at the top . Leading the race even the trio of Aritz Egea, Kilian Jornet and David Schneider . 4th Ionut Zinca . Follow Marc Pinsach , Thorbjorn Ludvigsen and Gregory Vollet . In the race for rosa Stevie Kremer geared to passing the small carona Top with 2 ' of a great Antenella Confortola . Third position, with a gap of  8 ' , for Leire Aguirrezzabala . 10 ' the delay of a Emelie Forsberg (4th ) in clear difficulty . While entertaining the audience in the picturesque location of the lake promenade we thought the king of slackline Lukas Huber and bike trial champion Andrea Maranelli , the race came alive in earnest at high altitude . In the hard ups and downs that anticipate the final beat to the finish line , Kilian Jornet has in fact put the arrow and progressively detached the rivals . For him 50m ahead of Aritz Egea . David Schneider and follow Ionut Zinca . Between two wings  the king of skyrunning was received from the crowd with all the honors after 2h17'05 " of a triumphant ride .
Second place for one Ionut Zinca author of a spectacular comeback. Third place for a great Aritz Egea. The feminine, as everything from the script with Stevie Kremer who wins race and title in 2h46'13 "in front of "The Blue" Antonella Confortola and the Swedish Emelie Forsberg. Regarding the Cup circuit, the World Series in 2013 SkyRace specialties, the crowns goes the the american Kremer and Spanish jornt , the silver to medal Luis Alberto Hernando (Spain) and Emlie Forsberg (Sweden). The bronze instead, went to the neck of the American Alex Nichols and the italian Silvia Serafini.