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Mindboggling statistics, a show and a caliber of athletes never seen before in Italy, unprecedented media coverage, the allure of running in a VK event at night high above the lake and a skyrunning race that put champions and amateurs to the test in a striking setting: this and much more is Limone Extreme.

There are sports events that aspire to gain an international reputation but never achieve that goal and others that, right from the start, seem destined to set the pace for the movement. This is the case of the event created on the border between the Lombardy and Trentino regions. In the past four years, Limone Extreme has been the final event for the Italian championship and the double finale of the Skyrunner® World Series on two occasions. Thanks to their successful organizational skills, ISF (International Skyrunning Federation) has once again chosen Franco Codogni & Friends for this honor, adding the Brescian event to the 2015 championship as the last stage of the Vertical Kilometer and SkyRace specialties.

What are the reasons behind this huge success that has brought this event to become one of the most important races on an international level? First of all, SS Limonese has an impressive curriculum in organizing these events. Even though it is a new entry in the skyrunning world, the Alto Garda club has been organizing an MTB for almost 18 years with a starting list of over 1,000 competitors. Olympic champions of the "fat wheel" sport have even competed on the extremely technical trails between Limone and Tremosine.

Another strength of Limone Extreme is the gorgeous location, a tourist destination that combines the charm of the elegant lakefront town and the stark cliffs that vaguely resemble the Grigne mountains. The climate is so mild and dry that it seems like summer even in mid-October. If you add the almost unlimited hotel accommodations and the farsightedness of local administrators who focused on trail running to promote the inland area with so much to offer, this explains the success of Limone Extreme. Other details to take into consideration in this beautiful fairytale about a race that in just a few editions has gone from just 100 competitors to over 900 athletes from 34 nations are the appeal of the nighttime vertical race, the competence of a racing director like Fabio Meraldi, and the decision to hold the Skyrunning event on Saturday to celebrate the end of the season in grand style.