Marco De Gasperi and Sheila Aviles win the sky world championship

Marco De Gasperi and Sheila Aviles are at the top of the Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series circuit

Italian Marco De Gasperi won the Limone Extreme and the Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series, thus confirming an unprecedented career with six world skyrunning titles. Being forty and not feeling it: the timeless champion made a dream come true by also winning the skyrunning world cup. With a finish time of 3h07'32", this success full of heart and talent allowed him to recuperate in the final stretch to beat newcomer Jan Margarit of Catalogna (3h07'58"). Stefan Knof of Germany took third place (3h10'51”).
In the women's category, Swedish orienteer Tove Alexandersson surprised everyone and then collapsed on the finish line.  Her final time of 3h31'11" allowed her to beat German runner Michelle Maier (3h43'03") and the Dutch athlete Ragna Debats (3h45'39”).  
Marco De Gasperi and Sheila Aviles are at the top of the Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series circuit podium, followed by Aritz Aegeas, Jan Margarit, Laura Orgué and Ragna Debats.

Limone Skyrunning Extreme was a heralded success: three races, three different routes, and one great show. After the European Vertical Kilometer event that crowned Philip Götsch and Christel Dewalle as the winners, all eyes were on the main race of the event. Selected by the federation for the fifth consecutive time as the finale of the prestigious Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series, the event organized by SS Limonese once again amazed everyone thanks to its super organization, spectacular location, and the technicality of the course. Presented in an even tougher and rugged version, with a climb of 2,540 meters in 29 kilometers, it was an excellent test for top-ranking athletes and running enthusiasts. Here are the stats: the Alto Garda event brought more than one thousand athletes from over 30 countries to the starting line.

Right from the beginning, on the first tough 1,000 meter ascent leading to Cima Mughera, Jan Margarit from Spain tried to pull ahead of the others. Behind him, the mountain running champion Marco De Gasperi gritted his teeth and stayed in second place. Next were Aurell Bovè, Petter Engdall from Sweden and the German Stefan Knopf. In the women's category, Laura Orguè was ahead, and then other athletes quickly took her place. The Spanish champion must have encountered some evident physical problems. The spotlights were therefore on Tove Alexandersson from Sweden, who was the real surprise of the day, and the tenacious Dutch runner Ragna Debats.

As the kilometers passed, De Gasperi's experience emerged.  In the final acrobatic downhill run, he took the fast lane and crowned a dream that he had been pursuing for several years.