Roberto Delorenzi and Fabiola Conti win the 11th edition

Roberto Delorenzi and Fabiola Conti won Limone Extreme 2022, leading their team to victory for the first “Skyrunning Team Awards.” Joining them in the celebrations are the other athletes of the Skyrunning Community Gianluca Ghiano, Martina Cumerlato and Daniele Felicetti. Team Scarpa and Pegarun took second and third place.
The hard-fought battle took place on the time-tested 22.22 km route of Alto Garda, with an elevation gain of 2,052 meters.  Right from the start, Petro Mamu from Eritrea and Fabiola Conti from Italy immediately tried to make a difference on the steep 1,100- meter climb that took the 230 skyrunners to Punta Larici. In the men’s race, Jean Baptiste Simukeka from Ruanda and current world champion Roberto Delorenzi were also out front. In the women’s category, Ether Waweru from Kenya and Stephanie Kroell from Austria trailed Fabiola Conti, who was on fire.

The top positions changed at the GPM of Monte Carone (2,052 meters above sea level). As always, the acrobatic segment of the very technical sky race decided everything, and Delorenzi shifted into high gear to make all the difference. He received a standing ovation on Lungolago Marconi, winning with a finish time of 2h25’43”. Second place went to an amazing Simukeka (2h25’48”), while Luca Del Pero from Brianza came in third at 2h28’51”. Petro Mamu and Andreas Haga rounded out the top 5.

It was a triumphant race for the Milanese skyrunning who won with a finish time of 2h59’16”. Second place went to Martina Cumerlato from the Veneto region (3h09’16”), while Sandra Sevillano from Spain came in third (3h12’04”). Stephanie Kroell from Austria and Giulia Pol from the Veneto Region rounded out the top five.

The records of Nadir Maguet (2h23’03”) and Denisa Dragomi (2h55’23”) remain.